University Recommended MEXT Scholarship Application Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about the University Recommended MEXT Scholarship? Find the answers here!

When readers send me questions by email or through my contact form, I add them to a list to be addressed in these FAQ articles. Here is a collection of the most common questions I have received about the University Recommended MEXT Scholarship.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments for the quickest response, or to reach out to me by email or through the contact form to have questions added to this page in the future.

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Choosing Universities

Can I apply to more than one university?

No, but that’s a good thing!

Per MEXT’s rules Universities are required to check to ensure that you are not applying anywhere else – they ask you to certify it in the scholarship application form. If you admit to applying to multiple universities, they will tell you to choose one. If you somehow make it through the application for more than one university, not only will you be disqualified, but every nominee from both universities could be disqualified too.

So why is it a good thing? Two reasons:

  1. The University Recommended MEXT scholarship is incredibly competitive. Typically, only one person per field of study can earn a nomination at any university. You need to focus all of your energy on applying to a single university to have the best chance. Splitting your effort would make your application weaker.
  2. If you could apply to multiple universities, everyone else would be able to do so to. That means that you would have fewer chances of getting the scholarship, not more, since you’d be competing with the best applicants at every single university.

What university should I apply to?

Check out my article about choosing universities for my tips on how to choose the best university for you.

Can you help me choose one?

Yes, but if you want to commission me to do individual research, that comes with a fee. If you are interested, please reach out to me through the contact form.

Application Documents

Thanks for sending the sample MEXT application form, but I need the original. Where can I get it?

You should get it from the university where you plan to apply. I am not trying to be difficult here: You need to get in touch with them directly to use their format (there may be differences) and make sure you review all of the other documents they require, plus their submission requirements.

My transcript is not in English or Japanese, can I translate it myself?

No. Any official document, such as a transcript or certificate of graduation, that is not written in English or Japanese have a Japanese translation attached. You have to submit the original plus a translated certified by a professional translator or by an official at the issuing institution. So, the only way you can translate it yourself is if the issuing university is willing to certify your Japanese translation as being accurate.

You are allowed to provide your own translations of any freeform documents, such as your thesis abstract. Of course, in that case, you should just write it yourself in English to begin with.

Where can I find a translator?

You can often find translators online, but if you want to find someone that you know is reliable, you can check with the Japanese Embassy or Consulate nearest you. They should know translators in the area that they can refer you to.

Who should write my letter of recommendation?

For the University Recommended MEXT scholarship, your letter of recommendation should come from a Dean or higher. (Not a vice dean or deputy dean).

The dean doesn’t know me, can’t I have my professor write it instead?

Your professor can write it, but it should be the Dean that signs it.

It doesn’t matter if the Dean knows you or not. If you are one of the top students in your major (and you should be), you should be able to get the Dean to sign a letter of recommendation for you. The Dean doesn’t need to write it himself/herself, the Dean just needs to sign it. Your academic advisor should be able to help you lobby for and obtain the Dean’s signature.

My Diploma won’t be released until a year after my graduation, how can I submit a Certificate of Graduation for the MEXT scholarship application?

A “Certificate of Graduation” doesn’t have to be a diploma. It can be any official document from your university certifying that you have graduated. If your transcript shows that you have graduated, that can count as a Certificate of Graduation. A letter from your university registrar on university letterhead would also count.

You should never ever submit your original diploma. You won’t get it back!

Do you have questions about the University Recommended MEXT Scholarship that I haven’t answered above?

Ask them in the comments below and I will update this page as soon as possible. (Please keep in mind that it may take some time for me to catch up).

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