TranSenz MEXT scholarship coaching
For MEXT Scholarship applicants seeking more personal guidance than I can provide in my articles or even books, I offer limited opportunities for one-on-one coaching, application and Field of Study and Research Program Plan reviews, and other opportunities to get your individual questions answered on a priority basis.

Because these services take time away from my goal of helping as many applicants as possible, and require a lot more focused time and energy, they do come with a cost. But my goal is always to offer more value than what you pay and do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Here are the services I offer. You can find more details about costs and timeline in the table below and request coaching services using the form at the bottom of the page:
*All costs are in US Dollars

  • One-on-One MEXT Scholarship Application Coaching:
    Live, virtual guidance (Zoom, etc.) on any stage of the application – from helping you develop your research ideas, to finding universities and professors, to polishing your application, and anything else you might be struggling with.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to take on additional live coaching clients at this time.
  • Field of Study and Research Program Plan Review:
    I will review your English-language Field of Study and Research Program Plan to make sure it includes all of the elements that Japanese reviewers will be looking for, then provide a second review for English language and grammar. Request a review now!
  • MEXT Scholarship Application Completeness Review:
    I will review your completed application to make sure all of the documents are included, meet expectations, and that you have correctly answered all of the questions in the forms, and provide you with a list of corrections. Request a review now!
  • Personal, priority answers to direct questions:
    Unfortunately, I have had to suspend my live coaching service, but if you have simple questions and want personal, priority answers, rather than leaving questions in the blog comments, I offer priority, personal responses to supporters of TranSenz on Patreon. Patreon support, for as little as $1 per month, helps me cover the costs to keep this site running. The priority answers are my thank-you to you for your support!

Fees and Schedules

Service Cost Time to Deliver Rush Processing
One-on-one MEXT Scholarship Application Coaching
*Currently unavailable
$50 per 30-minute session Within 1 week of invoice payment Within 3 days of invoice payment (+50%)
Field of Study and Research Program Plan Review $100 First review takes seven days from invoice payment & receipt of FSRPP
Second review takes 3 days from receipt, pending other ongoing projects.
First review takes 4 days, second review takes 2 days (+50%)
MEXT Scholarship application completeness review (graduate or undergraduate) $60 Within seven days from invoice payment & receipt of complete application Within four days from invoice payment & receipt of complete application (+50%)

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