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Welcome to TranSenz! My name is Travis and I am a bilingual American expat living in Japan. I’ve been an exchange student here and been stationed here with the US military in the past. Now, I’ve moved back permanently and live and work within the constraints of Japanese society. This blog is my place to share my experiences to help other expats integrate into their host community, or at least make the most out of their time in Japan!

In the blog posts, below, you can find all manner of experiences in Japan, but I’ve also collected some of the most relevant and important contact into a series of guides, linked from the pages below. If there’s something about Japan that you want to know but can’t find here, please leave a note in the comments below and I will be happy to add it to the list.


Recent Posts

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    Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship 2020/2021: How to Get a Letter of Provisional Acceptance
    Congratulations on Passing the Embassy’s Primary Screening! If you are reading this article, I assume you have passed the primary screening (or are preparing to pass in the near future). That’s a tremendous step! The vast majority of applicants do not make it that far. In fact, almost all applicants …
  • MEXT Scholarship in 2020 – Travis from TranSenz Interviewed
    Recently, I had the honor to be interviewed by Khamida and Kayta, two amazing MEXT Scholarship winners, for their video podcast, Tokyo State of Mind. We talk about: What the MEXT Scholarship covers My background with the MEXT Scholarship and why I started this blog Common applicant mistakes Common points …
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    How to Apply for the Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship in 2020/2021
    COVID-19 Impact on 2021 MEXT Scholarship Application Schedule Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MEXT released the application guidelines and forms for the Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship over a month late on May 22, 2020. The entire application schedule has also been pushed back, including arrival time in Japan. If …
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    MEXT Scholarship Eligibility Criteria – 2020/2021 Embassy Recommendation MEXT Scholarship
    Are you eligible to apply for the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship? As I write this, the application guidelines for the 2021 Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship (apply in 2020/scholarship starts in 2021) have just been released. Here is a complete explanation of the most recent requirements. Embassy Recommendation MEXT Scholarship …
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    How to Fill In the 2020 Embassy Recommendation MEXT Scholarship Application Form
    As of the time I am publishing this, the application deadline for the 2020 Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship has already passed. But since there were several changes to this year’s form that I expect to carry through in future years, I hope this will be a useful reference until the …