More people ask me about spouse visas for Japan than any other topic on this website. For a long time, I’ve answered questions one-by-one, but I wanted to offer something more. I wanted a resource that would answer every question I’ve seen and many that I haven’t. A book that would walk anyone through the Certificate of Eligibility and visa application process as if I was there, looking over their shoulders.

This, finally, is the complete, step-by-step guide to every form and every document you need to apply for a spouse visa, certificate of eligibility, or Change of Status of Residence for Japan.

Immigration lawyers charge over ¥100,000 to do this paperwork for you. That’s crazy. The application is not difficult: anyone can do it if they have the instructions in hand, and now you do.

This book describes every form and document you need for the spouse certificate of eligibility and visa application process. It is designed to be your one-stop resource. You do not need to pay huge sums of cash to a lawyer. You do not need to agonize over vague directions from the Immigration Bureau. With this book in hand, you can file your application yourself, without fear of error.

I hope you find it to be as valuable as I mean it to be. Please let me know what you think in the comments, below!

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