Prune Bagels

This is a translation of Sawa’s original article about prune bagels.
Update: We have posted our recipe as well!

Recently, I’ve been suffering from anemia. The iron tablets that my obstetrician prescribed only seem to make me more queasy, so even contemplating taking them is a terror. Besides that, I’ve been trying to cut down on my salt and, since my family is prone to allergies, I’ve had to avoid milk and egg products during the last few weeks of pregnancy. It’s almost as if I’m living with wartime food rationing!

Enter my savior: Prune bagles! I know that prunes are high in iron and fiber, but I find the flavor less than enjoyable. When my husband saw me forcing myself to eat them, with an expression usually reserved for torture chambers, he began to think. Actually, bagels can be made without using eggs, butter, or milk! Where has this wonderful food been all my life? When run through a mixer, the prunes vanish into the dough, leaving no unpleasant taste or texture. We’ve been making them with prunes and cranberries, but you can only taste the cranberry, which is quite delicious!

Cran+Prune+Yuzu bagels fresh from the oven!

Cran+Prune+Yuzu bagels fresh from the oven!

My husband’s parents are chefs, and he inherited some of their talent. We’ve had a cafe’s worth of bagel varieties: plain, sesame, pumpkin, yuzu and cranberry, and prune and cranberry. If you want to try to make your own, here are a few tips: Since it’s been cold recently, the yeast has a tendency to fail, so heating the bowl before rising is important! Bagels can also be made in bulk and frozen, to keep a perfectly fresh flavor. I can think of better way to spend a couple hours!

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