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Questions I receive about the Undergraduate MEXT Scholarship will be updated here as they come in.

Although I write about the MEXT Graduate Scholarship, I receive a significant number of questions about the undergraduate scholarship as well. I do not have any specific information about the undergraduate scholarship – my expertise is in the graduate scholarship – but here are some of the more common questions I have received and my answers, as best as I can give them:

Can you send me the sample application form for the undergraduate scholarship?

No, I have not created one and do not know of anyone else who has. My focus is on creating resources for the graduate scholarship.

Where can I find information about the scholarship application for undergraduates?

The best place to find information is the website of the Japanese embassy in your home country, but it may only be available in the spring, when the scholarship application period is open.

Where can I find sample exams for the MEXT undergraduate scholarship tests?

JASSO has officially published past exams on their website, below:

Can I apply for natural science A (chemistry) course without taking the test in physics?

Natural Sciences majors must sit for the English exam, mathematics Exam, Japanese exam, plus two out of the following three: biology, chemistry, and physics. So, you could skip physics if you choose.

More Questions and Answers Coming

I will add any new questions about the undergraduate scholarship that I receive by email to the list above as soon as possible. In the meantime, the fastest way to get your personal questions answered is to add them in the comments below.

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