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The Most Important Part of Successful Graduate Studies is Your Relationship with Your Advisor

However, many applicants do not know how to search for universities that offer their field of study in Japan. More challenging still is the process of deciding which professor you want to study under and reaching out to them for approval.

If you are struggling to find a university or professor, this book is for you.

If you want to know:

  • How to find universities for the MEXT Scholarship
  • How to decide which university in Japan is best for your studies
  • Whether or not you should apply to a famous, big-city university
  • How to find professors to fill in your Placement Preference Form
  • How to get in touch with professors in Japan and what to say – complete with templates
  • Plus what to do if you need to get a Letter of Acceptance in a hurry (as well as how to avoid falling into that trap!)

Then this is the book for you!

Practical Exercises and Examples

Throughout the book, I include exercises and worksheets so that you can complete your university and professor search as you read. I also include examples of how to evaluate university programs in Japan and email templates that you can use to contact professors in order to make the process as simple as possible.

Both the exercises and the examples are available as free bonus downloads, regardless of the format you purchase the book in, for easy reference.

Take Advantage of the Expertise of Thousands of Applicants

I have spent ten years working in international student recruiting and acceptance for Japanese universities, including three years as the direct point of contact for all MEXT scholarship inquiries and applications at a large, private university. During that time, I personally processed hundreds of applications and have shared my experience to help over 5000 MEXT scholarship applicants through the process through this blog, one of the world’s leading independent sources of information and advice on the MEXT scholarship.

My Mastering the MEXT Scholarship Application: The TranSenz Guide series builds on the blog articles, questions from readers, and further, exhaustive research of successful applicants’ approaches and experiences to bring you the best practices for every step of the application process. It is perfect for the applicant who wants to go deeper than the blog posts do to perfect their application and leave nothing to chance.

Coming Soon!

How to Find Your Best Degree Program and Advisor for the MEXT Scholarship will be available in Spring 2021! As of April 2021, I am finalizing the edits and will have it released as soon as possible.

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Get Started Today!

Once you have an idea of your research question, it is time to start looking for universities and professors in Japan. I recommend identifying a university and professor before you write your final Field of Study and Research Program Plan, so that you can target that plan to appeal to your preferred advisor. So, you’ll want to get started on this search early, if you can.

Of course, if you’ve already written your plan and need to find an advisor to match it, I go into detail about how to target and evaluate professors for your specific research proposal, as well!

To give yourself the best chance to jump start a positive relationship with your future advisor, order now, direct from TranSenz or your favorite online bookseller!

Want to Read it for Free?

How to Find Your Best Degree Program and Advisor for the MEXT Scholarship book cover

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How to Find Your Best Degree Program and Advisor for the MEXT Scholarship is available in print, through Ingramspark or Amazon, and in ebook through Overdrive, Bibliotheca, and Baker & Taylor which are ebook distribution networks for libraries, if your library stocks ebooks. Either way, your library should be able to order it through their normal purchasing channels. Here’s the information your library might need:

  • Title: How to Find Your Best Degree Program and Advisor for the MEXT Scholarship
  • Author: Travis Senzaki
  • ISBN: 978-4-909776-02-0
  • Imprint: Travis Senzaki
  • Year: 2021

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