Hi, Travis here. Thanks for checking in over here to learn what you can do to support TranSenzJapan.com.

I started the TranSenz blog to share the “secrets” I’ve learned from my experience living in Japan. Of course, none of it’s really secret, it’s just that nobody (else) ever tells you. I learned the long, hard way by doing, but I wanted to help you avoid that path where I can.

As such, I always want to keep the information I provide on TranSenz free for you.

Over the years, I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of thank you notes from readers, particularly from my Spouse Visa series and MEXT scholarship series of guides. Every single one brings a smile to my face and reassures me that you find this resource as valuable as I mean it to be.

Several people have also reached out to me to ask how they can give back or help me get the word out there. So, I’ve put together this list of ideas, some monetary and some completely free to you.

Chip In with a Small Donation

Donating as little as a 100 yen with a secure donation via paypal is the simplest way to show your appreciation.

Every contribution means much more to me than just a dollar amount. It shows me that you really are interested and invested in learning more about the topics I talk about here.

The monetary contribution also helps cover the expenses of maintaining this website.

Become a Patron

If you’re feeling even more generous, you can become a TranSenz supporter on Patreon for as little as $1 per month.

Samurai Supporters and Daimyo Supporters on Patreon also get priority responses to their inquiries through that site as a special thanks.

Free Way to Say Thanks: Share TranSenz with Your Friends!

Really, the most important thing to me is getting the information I share out to as many people as possible. So, one quick and free way you can help is to choose the article you’ve found most helpful and share it through social media or email with friends or colleagues who you think could benefit from it!

Note for MEXT Applicants: Of course, I understand if you don’t want to share tips with your competition, but after you get your scholarship, please consider sharing with future applicants! 🙂

Free Way to Say Thanks: Share Your Knowledge with TranSenz

If you’ve used the guides on this site to apply for the MEXT scholarship or for a Spouse Visa, and want to add your experience to help future applicants, write me through the contact form and tell me what you think I should add to the guides!

Everything on here began with my personal experience, but over the years, I have added to each article based on input from readers, making them better for you as time goes by. I’m happy to credit you for your contributions, as well!

I am also open to guest posts if you want to share a longer story.


You’ve probably seen advertisements in the articles you’ve read on this page. Everytime someone clicks on one of those ads, I get a small payment and it doesn’t cost you anything. I don’t really like having to use them, but it’s one way I can support my costs without any charge to readers.

Please don’t go clicking on them repeatedly, because that would get me in trouble with the advertisers, but if you see something in there that’s relevant to you, feel free to check it out in more detail, knowing that it helps me and doesn’t obligate you to anything.

Have a product or service you want to advertise on TranSenz? I am open to sponsorship/advertising proposals. Please reach out through the contact form to discuss any ideas you may have in more detail.

Buy a Book

Warning: Only for the super-motivated.

I have one TranSenz book out now, How to Apply for a Spouse Visa for Japan. It is a more detailed version of the blog post on the same topic and goes line-by-line through every form you need or may need in the application, with dozens of pages of form translations and instructions as a bonus.

As you can see from the cover and sticker price, this is certainly the most expensive way to support TranSenz, unless you actually need the book, in which case, it can save you hours of time and tens or hundreds of thousands of yen in immigration lawyer fees by showing you everything you need to apply for your Spouse Certificate of Eligibility on your own.

Thank you for supporting TranSenz!